With the state of the economy many people will be turning back to the old way of getting eggs by raising their own chickens in the backyard. Now for some people this might present a problem because of regulations against what some cities will consider farm animals of chickens, but if you do not have these restrictions then you will be able to enjoy the benefits of having chickens in your backyard. Here are some of the benefits of having chickens in your backyard.

The first great benefit of having a chicken in your backyard is that you will have a natural pest controller. I know that if you have bugs creeping around in your backyard that they will be controlled rapidly and provide some great feed for your chicken.

The second benefit of having a chicken in your backyard is that you will start having your own egg production. Now remember that getting fresh eggs is going to be seasonal so you will want to research your chicken type well to determine which ones will work for you. Now something you might not even think of is that the chicken will need a proper coop to produce eggs so they feel comfortable where they are going to be laying the eggs.

The third benefit is that the chickens will act like an alarm for you. Chickens might not seem like they would raise the alarm, but if something is a miss they will cackle and call more than they would if they were in a typical usual situation. So that is a nice feature about chickens as well.

While many people will want to start to look for different ways to be independent of the stores varying cost you will want to enjoy the benefits of raising chickens in your backyard. The main key point is though to have very happy and productive chickens so you can enjoy all of these benefits is to have a properly built coop.

Kim is a stay at home mom who is always looking for ways to save money. She knows how much fun having chickens in the backyard can be, but also knows how difficult it can be to build a proper coop. After many failures she found a great resource here on why to build chicken coops properly.

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