If you have made the decision to start raising chickens, or simply want to learn more about these marvelous birds then getting the facts about chickens is your first step! Chickens are such interesting and varied birds, it is really no wonder so many people choose to keep them as pets, show them in fairs and competitions, or raise them for meat and eggs. What can chickens contribute to your life?

Hens lay no more than one egg a day, and different types of birds will lay different colored eggs. Determining the color of the egg your chicken will lay is as easy as looking behind their ears. If the skin patch by the ear of your chicken is white, you have a white egg laying chicken; if the patch is reddish brown, your chicken will lay brown eggs. Oddly enough, a chicken with a red patch will lay blue, or blue green eggs.

Chickens fed organic chicken feed, or allowed to graze naturally on healthy growing grass produce healthier meat and eggs. Did you know that eggs raised in a cage-free environment given organic food and natural grass will produce eggs that are lower in cholesterol and also higher in Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids? It is easy to see why people are starting to raise their own chickens.

Chickens enjoy grazing on grass, but not just for the greenery! Chickens love eating insects, and therefore make a great addition to your yard, and a great way to decrease the amount of bugs that can bother you during the warmer months of spring and summer. Of course, chickens also like to eat garden plants and flowers, so be sure your garden areas are blocked off.

Contrary to what many people believe, chickens are quite easy to take care of. After feeding and watering them daily, you need to simply keep their coops clean. Doing so is as easy as spot cleaning every few days, and completely cleaning out nesting areas and other dirty areas every few weeks.

Did you also know that chickens love to cuddle?!

While it may seem like chickens make the ideal pets, and in some cases they do, it is important to realize this is not without responsibility. Be sure you have at least 15-30 minutes a day to care for these animals. It is your responsibility to provide safe and clean housing for them so if you cannot do this, it may not be wise to start raising a flock.

Similarly, chickens like to be social, so you will need to raise more than one chicken. Do you have enough space for a small sized flock? Can you legally raise livestock in your area? If the answer is not an easy, “yes,” then consider whether or not raising chickens is right for you and your family.

Raising a flock of these majestic birds is a wonderful way to enjoy healthy protein, while educating your family. Check out the facts, and be sure you can realistically care for these wonderful birds.

Make sure you get all the facts about chickens before you start raising a flock in your backyard.

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