Chicken raising makes a lot of sense now in recessionary times and when people have legitimate fears about the source of their food.

1 – Chickens love scraps and leftovers.

Chickens appetites are voracious..and will eat practically anything. So don’t worry about food going to waste or out of date food left in your fridge.Your chicken will love you and your garbage disposal costs will be significantly reduced.

2- Fresh Free Range eggs..just like you used to have when you were a child

And the huge amount of ways to eat eggs and use them in the kitchen means that for baking, for making omelets,scrambled eggs,fried eggs etc. means you will never be short of a nutritious, healthy and economical meal.

And some people swear by raw eggs to improve their breathing and wind..particularly when indulging in vigorous exercise or training for sports.

3 – Source of natural fertilizers

Chickens are wonderful sources of natural fertilizers for the soil..and a virtuous cycle of consumption and growth is maintained.

4 – Low Maintenance Pets

Unlike most family pets which can be high maintenance and demanding in terms of walking,grooming and various other demands, chickens are positively low maintenance and so long as they are fed and watered and their bedding changed regularly they can be very self contained..all the while supplying you with fresh eggs in abundance.

And you can become very attached to them.

5 – Lawnmowers and Weed eaters

Chickens are voracious eaters of weeds and grass and can maintain your backyard without the need for you to buy weed killers and spend time weeding and maintaining your property.

In summary it is pretty clear that chicken raising is a smart option for many reasons as outlined above..and the regular supply of fresh chicken and eggs and the confidence of knowing where the food that you put on your table comes from is a huge source of comfort in an uncertain world.

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