What is self-sufficient, almost self-feeding, fun, and provides you with a natural delicious breakfast every morning? Yes, chickens can be all of those things! They keep us entertained in the summer, feed on their own and provide fresh delicious eggs in exchange only for basic shelter, a little bit of care and a bit of effort. A pet of this magnitude might sound expensive, but once you realize all of the benefits that you will receive in time to come you will understand that the chickens basically pay for themselves and offer continuous food and entertainment!

If you enjoying taking your dog for a walk or playing around with your cat then you will definitely enjoy playing with your chickens in your own back yard. It is not as common to have chickens as say – a dog or a cat but there is a growing population of chicken owners who will swear by how much fun a chicken can be. You can pick them up just like you would a cat and pet them, you can also train them to do various things with just a little patience and positive reward feedback. Since there are different breeds just like you would find for a cat or a dog, you can grow big chickens or little chickens with various features. Depending on how much space you have in your back yard you can make your own chicken coop of just about any size you desire. If you have a fenced back yard you can even let your chickens walk around and feed on the grass all on their own. A popular trend has been to provide a wire fence with covered top so that no predator can get in at night and prey on your beloved pet. Proper heating and insulation will even let your pets live through the winter with much comfort.

Besides enjoying your pets and having fun with them you can also get some fresh eggs that have much nutritional value and are said to be much healthier than the ones you buy in the store.

There are studies that indicate particular benefits that seem quite impressive. An average chicken life span is between 8 and 10 years old comparing to 10 to 13 years for dogs which makes them a good pet, not to mention that they self reproduced if the right conditions are provided. Chicken necessities are very basic: food, shelter and a range of grass to enjoy. Shelters can be fairly cheap to craft and there are many online guides that will show you how to make one for yourself step by step! If you’ve never had a pet chicken you should certainly try one or many today, the benefits as listed are rather obvious.