As you prepare to construct your very own chicken coop, there are a few factors you may want to consider to ensure that you make the safest, most secure place for your chickens so that they are able to lay eggs comfortably. It is a shame that many people overlook these construction tips, which usually results in reworking certain portions of the coop as changes have to be made. Given here some tips you should consider.

Watering Location

Your chickens must always have access to fresh water. The waterer must be large so that it lasts all day, and it should also be places close to the coop, as this will make maintenance much easier.


Electricity is important because your chickens need a light source inside the coop during late hours. You need this if you want your chickens to lay eggs all year round. Another positive roll bulbs can play is to provide warmth to the chickens when the weather is cold.

Consider Using Automatic Food Dispensers

Similar to the fact that chickens need a constant supply of water, an automatic food dispenser may be a viable investment. This is because it will ensure that they get food whenever they want and it will also save you from the hassle of refilling the feeder again and again. Another advantage of an automatic dispenser is that you can leave for the weekend without fearing that your chickens will not be taken care of in terms of food and that they will remain hungry.

Protection from Wind

Even though most people are considerate that their chickens require a decent amount of fresh air and light, many forget to remember that if the climate is windy, their chicken need proper protection. This is why you may want to avoid windows that open completely. Instead, you can cover them with some type of protective plastic coating which can be removed when you want to let the wind in.

Food Storage Bins

This is another feature you will have to take into consideration. Many people keep their chicken food in the garage or somewhere else on the farm, but these trips can be long and tedious. A better option is to make storage bins near the coop so that you speed up the process of feeding as you now have easier access to the food. However, be careful to ensure that these bins are properly closed and are hence protected form other animals. 

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