Laying Horses To Lose On Betfair

Laying horses to lose has become part and parcel of betting since the betting exchanges, and in particular Betfair, made this form of betting widely and easily available. There was much excitement initially, as surely it stands to reason that if you are losing money betting on horse-racing, taking the opposite view and laying horses (betting that they won’t win) will turn those losses into profits. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, things haven’t turned out to be quite that easy.

To begin with, it looked fairly attractive to look at horses that surely had no chance of winning and were not in the first 3 or 4 in the betting market. The problem with this is the way in which the exchange market forms itself. Most of the money is concentrated around the first few horses, and their odds will generally be fairly close, though slightly higher, than the price available with the online bookmakers. As you move towards the higher priced horses, the difference between the bookmakers’ price and the Betfair price becomes more pronounced. It is not uncommon to see a 15/1 shot trading at over 20 on Betfair, a 20/1 shot at over 30 and a 50/1 shot at 100 plus.

The problem here is that, whilst it is fairly easy to pick a string of losers, when the inevitable winners occur, they will be priced so high that all the winnings to date are likely to be wiped out along with most of your betting bank! Many people concentrate therefore on laying what they see as the more vulnerable favourites, or lower priced horses that they feel are too low. However, instead of simply laying a horse to lose, the following are three approaches that use the benefits of laying a horse in a slightly different way: Laying Horses To Lose On Betfair

1. Laying horses during the race:

When a horse race goes in play, right up to the winner crossing the line, it is still possible to back or lay any of the horses. Consequently, by picking certain horses in certain races, it is often possible to back the horse before the start of the race, and place a lay as the price shortens to guarantee profits. If you know what you are doing, this can be a fairly low risk and high reward approach.

2. Laying more than one horse:

In a very competitive race, at varying stages different horses can look to have the edge. This will be reflected in their in-running price meaning that on many occasions it will be possible to lay more than one horse in the race at very low odds, again ensuring a profit whoever wins. The key is selecting the race types and even courses where this scenario commonly occurs.

3. Trading the odds:

Many Betfair users specialize in trading horse prices where they apply the classic back high and lay low strategy. This can be effectively applied in many scenarios, for instance by spotting a horse early on that you feel is likely to drift(price goes out) or steam(price comes in). The trader will simply try to lay the likely drifter early and back at lower odds, or back the likely steamer and lay at lower odds, either way guaranteeing a profit. Laying Horses To Lose On Betfair

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