The main criteria for laying bathroom flooring is that it has to be waterproof. Water or moisture that gets through will cause severe problems with the floor underneath. Before laying bathroom flooring you must prepare the floor beneath. Bare floorboards must be sealed. A subfloor can be used to level uneven floorboards and then sealed.

Bathroom fittings mean laying bathroom flooring can be an awkward job, therefore you need to dry-lay the tiles to give a balanced look, a tip is to tile outwards from the longest wall.

If you are laying a slate floor on wooden floorboards first screw the floorboards to the joists, then you need to screw plywood sheets using countersunk screws to the floorboards to create a level subfloor, this then needs to sealed with a waterproof sealant.

To achieve the best tile arrangement dry-lay the tiles first, ensuring that all the cut boarder tiles are the same width and should ideally be a third of the width of a whole tile.

Next you need to decide where your starting point will be and mark the floor, then apply and smooth out approximately one square meter of adhesive. Lay the first tile square to the walls, then follow with the rest of the tiles using a spacer or dowel to leave a space between tiles for grouting. Complete laying bathroom flooring main area, then measure the gaps left for the boarder tiles. Using a wet tile cutter ( these can be hired ) cut all the boarder tiles to size, then lay.

Laying bathroom flooring around the WC and Basin. One option is to disconnect and remove the WC and Basin then tile underneath or lift both up slightly and slide tiles into place, both slightly difficult options.

Alternatively make templates of the WC and Basin with stiff card then transfer the shape to the tiles.

Cut out the shape of the tile using an angle grinder with a diamond disc.

Note this needs to be done outside due to the amount of dust created.

Finally apply coats of sealant before grouting to prevent the grout becoming ingrained in the tiles, then grout ensuring you bring the grout up level with the surface of the slate tile, if the grout is indented dirt can become ingrained in the grooves making your flooring look unsightly.

My name is Christian Roberts and you can visit my site To find out and learn a whole lot more about laying ceramic floor tile click here and before you begin the job, see how straightforward laying floor tiles can be.

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