Lek, the Chai Had bungalow manager (probably the only remaining stucco hotel type guesthouse remaining on Koh Samui at that time in 1986) was very excited about dinner that night, for it was going to be real Indian curry. (The mother of Chai Had was an Indian woman brought up in Thailand, and occasionally relatives would come over from India, probably from the Nicobar Islands.

There had always been chickens running around at Chai Had and I never really paid them much attention. Occasionally one of the dogs would give them a chase with no luck and they mostly walked the grounds free to peck around and crow at will. Today, though, Lek asked us to help him catch one. His cousin visiting from India was going to make chicken curry!

I tell you, if you are not a farm boy, chickens are really hard to catch! We tried to entice them with food, corner them, threw rocks at them, ambushed them, and finally ended up just chasing them around in circles for thirty minutes. The chickens knew this was life or death though and were determined not to get caught. Finally I saw Lek leap through the air and literally belly flop on one of the hapless fowl. And that required some bravery too considering the sharp talons of a chicken. We had our chicken. It was pretty scrawny though.

I admit to watching the butchering. I’ve eaten meat all my life without seeing how an animal must die to provide it. It didn’t last long and wasn’t cruel I felt.

Well, all eight of us did have Indian chicken curry, Nicobar style. I even learned how to make it (don’t remember much about the plucking part though). Of course, with so many people and such a scrawny chicken, it was mostly curried onions with rice.

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