How to look after chickens? This is probably the first question that would come to your mind if you are buying the hen for the first time. It is the time when you are very excited about owning a hen but not very sure as to what should you do to keep the hens and the cocks in the best shape possible. Such people should not be worried anymore as we are going to see some of the things that should be kept in mind when you are supposed to take care of your hens in the remainder of this article.

Hygiene is one of the most important aspects of your birds that you should keep in your mind when you look after chickens. These birds go outdoors at times at that as a result increases the chances of them getting infected with diseases and illness. These birds would not only get sick because of this but they would also increase the chances of the people around these birds getting affected by it. There are not very many blatantly visible symptoms of the diseases. Therefore, it is important that one must wash the hens on a regular basis and must also take them to the veterinary doctor at appropriate times.

Food is another important aspect that must be taken care of while you look after chickens. Though these birds take care of their food themselves by pecking on insects and plants that they come across when they are roaming in the garden or the backyard, that does not mean that their food requirements are completely taken care off and that there is nothing that should be done from our part. Egg biscuits, some grains are the best food for hens. These biscuits not only improve their health and digestion but it also improves the chances of it laying eggs regularly. If you want these results, then it is important that you supplement these foods with good amount of water.

Living environment should be looked into seriously when you look after chickens. These hens generally do not like to live on concrete and plain floors. They love places filled with sand and very often you would see sand being sprinkled when the hen flaps its wings. These hens love bathing in the sand and if there is one available in your house, then you would find your hens spending most of the time in the sand. Therefore, it is important that when you look after chickens, you have a tyre in your backyard filled with sand.


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