More and more Americans are choosing to raise their own flock of egg layer chickens. The reasons are great, and include a nutritious option for you and your family, as well as an opportunity to educate your family on the importance of livestock. Whatever reason you choose to raise a flock for egg production, consider some necessary facts before diving into this large project.

Another great reason to raise chickens that lay eggs is because of the nutritional value because eggs from chickens that are raised on organic chicken feed, or allowed to graze freely on natural grass produce eggs that are lower in cholesterol. Also, these eggs will be higher in Vitamin E and the all important Omega-3 fatty acids. When you examine all the great reasons to have a flock, it’s hard to say no!

Different types of chickens lay different colored eggs. While most types of eggs available in grocery stores are white, they are also available in brown, and sometimes even greenish blue and blue. How can you tell what color egg your chicken will produce? Inspect the skin behind their ears. A white egg layer will have a white patch; a reddish brown patch will produce brown eggs. On the other hand, a bird with a red patch will produce brown eggs.

Egg layer chickens that produce white eggs are commercially popular, but may not necessarily be the best bet for a backyard flock. The reasoning behind this is that many white egg chickens, such as the White Leghorn, the Pearl Leghorn, or the Ancona are unpredictable in their temper, and can often become nervous.

Because of this, many people choose to leave the white chicken raising to the professionals.

On the other hand, brown egg layers are more popular among backyard flock raisers because they are more calm and easier to take care of. Try a Cuckoo Maran (the breed Martha Stewart raises) or a Welsummer in order to enjoy beautiful, nutritious, and deeply colored brown eggs.

Some people enjoy the thrill of going to their chicken nests and revealing beautiful and vibrant eggs of blue and green. If this is the case, try raising an Easter Egger chicken, or an Ameraucana chicken. Be advised that the temperament of these birds can vary. Do your research to make sure you’re choosing the best bird for your personal situation.

Before deciding on egg layer chickens, consider the following. How much space can you devote to your flock? Chickens prefer to be social, so you will most likely need to raise several birds. How many eggs do you plan on using a day? Do you plan on selling your eggs? All of these factors will affect the type of bird you choose, and how you plan on raising them. Some people prefer to let their birds graze naturally, while other people simply don’t have the space, and must keep their flock in a coop. Make these considerations before raising a flock and enjoy happy birds with healthy eggs.

If you are looking for the best egg layer chickens make sure you choose the ones with the right temperament for your family. In the end, you will be glad you did your research!