For the comfort of your chickens, you should build a complete chicken coop. For this you have to harness your money and efforts in some specific direction to meet the goal of a perfect chicken coop plan. The underlying are some guidelines that are sufficed to help you to build a perfect chicken house plan.

A comfortable chicken house requires spacious area for the chickens to live and move around. Considering this an optimum space area of 4 sq. ft. for each chicken is sufficient to provide healthy environment. Thence, a calculation of 20 chickens requires 80 sq. ft. space for the perfect chicken coop plan. If the space element is ignored, then it would result in a crowded hen house, bad smelling air, diseases and cannibalism among the chickens. That is why you should not be blind to the space element if you want to build a comfortable chicken house for your favorite chickens.

Insert perches into the hen house so that your chickens will hay eggs easily and happily. Place some straw shavings so that the eggs should not be cracked. Keep the straws ample in amount of 4 inches deep. It will be bed-like to your chickens to rest on.

Your chicken house should be sturdy and robust so that none can easily move it or even the heavy air flow cannot demolish the coop. To keep the lurking predators away from the chicken house, you should fence the chicken coop with a chicken wire and mesh.

For the perfect hen coop plan, you need to see a variety of hen house designs so that you can select the right one that will cater to your requirements and needs. On the internet, you can find various chicken coop plans. Some of them are free ones; while the others are professional guide plans that are available for certain price. The free plans would mislead you to unnecessary hardware investments, because they are incomplete with deficient information about the chicken coop plan.

On the other hand, the professional plans give you in depth valuable information with video instructions, which is always better than the merely printed information. However, check for the price of the professional guide plan. It must not be more than $ 30. Thus, with the minimum investment of money, you can build a comfortable and complete chicken coop for your favorite chickens.

To build a chicken coop on your own, you need complete step by step chicken coop guide, which will not only avoid your extra spending on hardware material, but also keep you away from heavy waste material.

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