As you probably already know, if the chickens are unhappy, stressed, or uncomfortable, they simply will not lay the eggs you need them to! That’s why it is important to have some knowledge on what a chicken needs in order to have a comfortable experience inside of the coop. These are some of the most essential tips when it comes to building a great hen house!

Tip #3 – First off, to make sure that your hens/chickens will remain happy inside of the coop and lay eggs for you, you will need to make sure that it’s well ventilated. You can add tons of things such as slide open windows, top holes, and mesh fences, just anything that will give the chicken’s sufficient airflow throughout the chicken coop! You want a place that will remain cool in the summer but also warm in the winter!

Tip#2 – Another thing that you will want to do to make sure that you are building the perfect chicken house is to make sure that it has proper lighting. The perk of electric and fluorescent light bulbs is that they can provide some type of heat during the winter cold!

Tip#1 – One of the most important things when it comes to chicken coop is creating an atmosphere where the cleaning is an easy task. Chicken coops can get dirty and quite fast actually – you want to have something that will give you the ability to clean it easily, quickly, and efficiently, without too much hassle – every great chicken coop plan will give you the ability to have an easy to maintain time when it comes to cleaning.

There are also other things that you should consider including predators protection, building it higher off the ground and the size of the yard/house that you are putting it in. By taking all things into consideration, you can build your hen house in no time!

Building a Chicken Coop is very fun & very easy. You can “do it yourself” and easily build an attractive, affordable chicken coop that will keep chickens happy, delivering high quality eggs, and most importantly preventing them from begin attacked by predators.