The ways you can go about decorating your house are enormously varied in number but it is often too easy to forget the floor. There are myriad ways you can do the floor but consider the possibilities of natural materials. Wood in particular offers a lot of variety in how it looks, as the color range goes from white to black and every variation of cream through dark brown in between. This means that, regardless of how you intend to decorate the rest of the room, you can find a color of wood that will suit what you want to do above the floor.

Wood has various advantages of stone and ceramic when it comes to flooring. For one thing, if you lay a wood floor, you have the opportunity, should you choose to go that route, of matching your furniture to your floor, or of complementing your furniture to your floor. This allows you to have continuity in the room without having to think too hard about the color of your soft furnishings and fixtures in advance. This means that you can choose the big items and then think about the accessories afterwards, rather than having to have a grand design all figured out in advance.

Wood flooring also has another important advantage over other natural materials in that it is naturally a much warmer material than stone or ceramic tiles, although not as warm as carpet. This means that when it is hot, the floor is cool to walk on and when it is cold the floor is relevantly warm, without you having to invest in underfloor heating, which is not such a good idea with a wooden floor anyway.

When you lay a wooden floor, you have a large number of design possibilities, quite apart from the issue of color. Firstly, you have the option to varnish or not to varnish, to stain or not to stain.

Plain, sanded boards have a particularly rustic charm, but if you are looking for a more sophisticated look, varnishing or staining the wood can produce the desired effect. You also have options when it comes to how the boards are laid. Wood can be laid in long boards or tiles – the tiles can be cut into a variety of shapes and can also be used in different colors to produce various designs. A simple floor design is better in general, although if you want to get complex in this area, just remember to keep the room simple above floor level, otherwise the overall effect could end up too cluttered.

Area rugs can be used to break up a large expanse of floor, but if you have a complex flooring design, you should use simple rugs, rather than ones featuring a detailed design. If the floor is simply laid out, feel free to used area rugs with more complex patterns. It is possible to use a rug which is entirely in one color, but which has an interesting shape, especially if your flooring is laid out using similar shapes.

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