Markco here! I’ve found a great spot for farming tons of frostweave cloth and the best part is that the mob types + location are ideal for tank aoe farming.

[Update] Mobs have a mortal strike debuff and are immune to snares… but not stuns. They can also be pulled one at a time if you ranged attack instead of body pulling. This makes for easy kills in rapid succession.

The area known as the Conflagration (shown in video below) is the best spot I’ve found for grinding frostweave cloth. These mobs have a mortal strike debuff but other than that they deal very little damage and only melee. In the northern section of the Conflagration and off to the east mobs spawn as neutral but once they run down to the southern section they become red. These ‘converted heroes’ then stand in groups of seven or eight in front of flag bearers, brilliantly positioned for aoe farming. The mortal strike debuff would be dangerous if these mobs hit hard but they don’t so any decently geared tank should have no problem downing these mobs. I am pretty sure that these mobs also only melee casters, but I have not tested that so anyone who fights them at range please let me know if they have any sort of interrupt or throwing ability.

If you are unable to aoe groups of mobs then your best bet is to head northeast and kill the yellow not yet converted heroes that wander around before running down to the southern part of the Conflagration. As a miner or herbalist you should try flying around the outter edge of this area for several max level nodes.

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