Chicken ranchers make choices everyday of the best hen ark plans for their chickens. The choice can be viewed as a sanctuary for their chickens. Hen ark plans have been serving the chicken rancher for years as a solid reliable housing option for their small to large flocks. The options in size and mobility have been very attractive to builders of any ranch size. For the exact same reason of being reliable, safe, versatile and economical hen ark plans are one of the most popular choices for chicken ranchers everywhere.


The hen ark plans used by the chicken rancher industry come in some basic styles. Because the industry has hundreds of plans available in bookstores and on the internet. A great resource for anyone who is interested in tapping into any major search engine results can find a plethora of information on the internet. For instance, the basic A frame is very popular and can be upgraded to meet the chicken ranchers growing needs as the needs of your flock grows.


The portable or movable ark is a very popular choice among the suburban chicken ranchers. It adapts quickly and easily for most suburban or urban areas. The portable style for your back yard allows you to have the ability to relocate the ark at your convenience. The scheduling of a regular rotation to allow your grass to re grow is one of the big advantages most liked by the smaller chicken rancher.


Another popular choice of hen ark plans are the stilt or off the ground style. This style utilizes square footage like a high rise apartment. The ark has a chicken run at the bottom ground level with a ramp to the next upper level that can be used for nesting boxes or feeding and watering. The stacked hen ark plans work well when space is limited and the chicken rancher wants to maximize his resources for maximum egg production.

Covered Wagon

Think about using a combination portable and off the ground option. Here is an option you can re-create by using plans for one of the old west covered wagons. With this style the ark can be designed small or large. The beauty of this is that the covered wagon style allowing for full protection from predators, easy access to your chickens living quarters, great ventilation, and easy portability with the functional four wagon wheel style.

Gypsy Caravan

The gypsy caravan style is similar to the covered wagon with a few small changes. Instead of four wheels the gypsy caravan has the two wheel design. The front incorporates two rails to lift and pull the ark for the smaller versions. For the larger designs, the rails are designed for a pony, mule, or horse to pull. This design is also a safe and practical choice. I would recommend any of these styles for the beginner or advanced chicken rancher. I hope these review hints will be helpful in your future search for your working hen ark plans.

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