Before you jump in and start building your chicken house, there are some very critical things that you must know to ensure you are building it correctly and that your chickens will continue to lay eggs for a long time to come.

Far too many people make a few major errors which causes them to have to spend a great deal of money down the road fixing the issues that have presented themselves.

Here are the main mistakes to avoid when you are building a chicken coop.

Lack of Sunlight

Just as you wouldn’t want to spend a day in a dark place, your chickens don’t either. In order for them to be healthy and lay eggs properly, they are going to need as much sunlight as they can get, so you want to be sure you’re maximizing this by building windows in your house that let the light in.

You should have so many windows for the number of chickens you have, and also take into account how large the chicken house is itself. If you have a large sized house and only put in one or two windows, that is going to be a bit problem.

No Chicken Run

Next, your chickens are need to get regular exercise in order to feel well and behave themselves in the chicken house. When you they have no run to go out and move around on, they’re going to get restless and may start picking at the walls of the house, causing damage that you then have to repair.

Building a good chicken house run will solve this problem easily, so make sure you don’t overlook this. It’s easy to build provided you have a clear set of directions in front of you.

The Wrong Sized Coop

Finally, the last thing you must make absolute certain is that you’re building the right size of chicken house.

Trying to cram many birds into a small size is just going to leave you with no birds that lay eggs so you would have been much better off if you would have just built a smaller house with fewer birds in the first place.

Make sure you take into account how many birds you want to hold and then use the calculation provided in your chicken house building plan to figure out exactly how many square feet your house should be.

So, keep these three main things in mind. Do not let yourself make these or you will be investing a great deal more money in your chicken house than you had originally planned on.

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