One of the important aspects that you need to take note if you are going to build a backyard chicken coop is proper ventilation. Chickens are quite sensitive to extreme environment conditions; they do not like to thrive in an environment that is too hot; and they could also barely survive in an environment that is too cold.

Hence, you need to build a backyard chicken coop that has proper ventilation that will keep the chickens fully ventilated during hot season; while at the same time provide enough protection that will keep them warm during the night and during the cold season. You must ensure that there is enough space within the building that will promote free flowing of fresh air.

Another essential factor that you should also consider when building chicken coops in your backyard is to decide first if you want to build fixed chicken houses or movable chicken coops. There are several advantages and disadvantages between the two. Fixed buildings for the chickens are best if you have large numbers of heads to raise; while movable coops for the chickens are ideal for smaller numbers of heads.

One of the distinct advantages of movables coops is utmost flexibility; thereby providing ease in transporting or transferring the coop from one place to another. This is very useful during hot season wherein you can transfer the building to shaded places in order protect them from direct sunlight in order to lower down the room temperature.Proper lighting is another vital aspect that you must also consider; this will keep the chickens warm during the coldness of the night and during the winter and cold season.

There are still many other factors that you must to consider when you build a backyard chicken coop; the ones mentioned herein are just the standard and the basic aspects of the design that you should never fail to consider.

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