As you get ready to start building your chicken house, you absolutely must not forget about the windows. The windows in your chicken coop are going to make a huge difference in how effective the house is and how many eggs your chickens are laying on a regular basis.

Individuals who do not find a plan that takes into account the proper way to build windows often experience a number of problems with their chickens and sometimes even have chickens that don’t lay any eggs at all.

Here are the top three ‘must-know’ facts about chicken house windows.

Window Size

The first aspect that you need to think about is how large you want to make your windows. You want them to be big enough that enough light gets in, but not so big that the chickens do not feel as though they are sheltered.

It’s a fine balance between too big and too small that you need to find. A proper chicken house building plan will give you a simple way to determine this though so you can ensure your windows are the right size for the size of the house.

Window Positioning

Next up, you also want to be positioning your windows correctly in the chicken coop. If you place the windows too high, the chickens will not be able to see out of them and the window is not going to capture all that much sunlight.

Likewise, if they are too low to the ground you’re only going to get direct sunlight when the sun is either rising or setting, virtually eliminating natural light all throughout the day. This is going to be very devastating to your chicken’s egg production rate since they must get sunlight to lay eggs properly.

Number of Windows

Finally, you also need to take into account the number of windows you plan to use with your chicken house. If you have too few windows, it’s going to be difficult to maximize the amount of light that’s coming into the house.

On the flip side, if you don’t have enough windows, the chickens are not going to be able to see outside and may feel slightly ‘cramped’ in the house. If you do it right, you can actually use windows to make the whole house feel larger, improving the enjoyment of your chickens in the house, which then translates to them laying more eggs for you.

So, double check that you are not overlooking your window system. Far too many people do and then they either wind up with chickens that don’t product, or they end up spending hundreds of dollars after the fact to correct the mistakes they make the first time around while building the house.

Here is more information on how you can build a chicken house on a budget that maximizes window use.