If you’re trying to learn about how to build a chicken house, there are going to be three key elements that you must keep in mind to have success. Without these in place, there is a much higher chance that your chickens are not going to be laying eggs regularly or even at all.

Therefore, making sure you’re taking the necessary steps to build the coop properly will be vital to your on-going success.

Here are the main things you should know about.

Choose Your Ground Very Carefully

The first thing that must be in place if your chicken house is to be successful is making sure you’re looking for a proper position on the ground to build. Many people make the mistake of not putting in the right amount of consideration with this aspect and that is what causes more problems than not.

If the land you choose to build on isn’t quite right for a chicken coop, there’s a very good chance that in time the walls will become less sturdy and rebuilding will have to take place. By making sure you’re taking the time to structure the house correctly build on proper land you will prevent this.

Watch The Height Of Your Chicken Feeders

The next how to build a chicken house element that needs to be in place is that you are paying particular attention to the height of your chicken feeders. If your chickens begin to feel strained to get at their food, this could also cause some issues with them getting in the proper nutrition it takes to lay eggs properly.

Ideally the feeder should be right around neck height; not too low or too high. That will ensure that they’re positioned correctly for the birds to have easy access.

Make Sure You Add In A Chicken Run

Finally, as you go about learning how to build a chicken house it’s vital that you have a chicken run built around the house. This will enable them to get exercise and remain healthy which will in turn get them laying more eggs. Ideally you should have so many square feet for each chicken that’s living in your house so paying attention to this and planning accordingly will be important.

The chicken run should then also be enclosed by a well built chicken house since that is what will protect the chickens from predators that could come in and sweep out your entire flock.

So, be sure you’re thinking about these aspects of how to build a chicken house. If you do it correctly you’ll find you have no problems getting fresh eggs every morning but if you don’t, then there’s a very high chance that you will be struggling.

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