If you are going raise only few heads of chickens then it is best to build your own chicken coop that is portable for added flexibility on your part. Movable coops are great for small numbers of chickens because it provides ease in transporting the hen house from one location to another. This is particularly beneficial in protecting the chickens from intense noon time and summer time heat; by allowing you to easily move the house to shaded areas in your property.

Noon time heat can build up inside the building; especially if the coop is under direct sunlight. However, if you place the hen house right under the shade of a big tree then there is going to be no problem at all if the noon time heat is so intense. Keep in mind that chickens are very sensitive to extreme environmental conditions; it is always best to keep them well protected from direct sunlight during noon time and summer. This can easily be achieved if you are going to build a portable coop for the chickens.

However, if you are planning to raise large numbers of chickens then portable coops may not be best for you since you may have to build much bigger hen house that is well established on solid grounds and strong foundation; that can accommodate large numbers of chickens in one place. In this case, you may need help from expert carpenters and engineers to build the coop. Consequently, some permits may be required and you need to secure the required papers prior to building the coop.

But, if you are just starting your poultry business with just few numbers of chickens then you can build your own chicken coop right in your own backyard. The process is quite simple; as long as you also have a guide on how to do it every step of the way. Nevertheless, always keep in mind the aforesaid factors if you are planning to build your own chicken coop; it can significantly help you build the perfect place for your chickens.


Build Your Own Chicken Coop

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