The basic task of good small house ventilation is to bring clean air to apartment’s living quarters, especially bedrooms, and remove contaminated air from them. In addition, ventilation has a role in removing the unwanted moisture that is formed from ordinary living. Ventilation should be taken into account at the early stage of the building construction (in Finnish, rakentaminen).


Inside air should be changed at least once every two hours under normal conditions.Regulations require that normal ventilation can be improved at least 30 percent if necessary.


Ventilation brings clean air to air into all bedrooms, a living room and a room with a fireplace, if that exists. The contamined air is carried away through a washroom, a toilet, and a utility room. In addition to these, the air is removed from the kitchen, clothing room, and storage areas that are closely connected with living spaces. If the building has a sauna, that should have the own ventilation system. Usually the fresh air is derived in the top of the stove and wet, contaminated air is removed from under the benches.


It is important that air can circulate freely throughout the apartment. Doors must not be sealed totally, or alternatively, doors or walls should have ventilation openings. Kitchen smoke exhaust is preferable to carry out with separate extractor fan.


Decision that affect crucially to indoor climate are carried out at an early stages of construction process. Some things to consider when making the plans for ventilation are where the house is built, the layout of the building and rooms, thermal insulation, solar protection and the tightness of the building. In addition, the soil quality, wind directions radon levels of the earth have their effect on the indoor climate.


The Ministry of Health of Finland has decided that the amount of radon in indoor air should not exceed over 400 Becquerel’s per cubic meter (Bq/m3). New housing has to be constructed so that radon concentration does not exceed 200 Bq/m3. Maximum likelihood of high radon concentrations is in the Southern Finland and Pirkanmaa. Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) has prepared a map of radon in the whole country that can be referred when building a new house.


Ventilation designer is responsible for creating conditions for a good and healthy indoor air. Always select the construction professional and reliable ventilation designer for this job.

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