Many people think that it is easy to build chicken coops. This may be true for experienced individuals who will just copy designs they see in the Internet. However, this is a cause of frustration to some people new to the field who do not know anything about chicken pens and all that. There are many free guides and manuals in the Internet on how to buy chicken coops but these things only show you the actual steps in building the pens. What you will miss from these manuals is the real stuff to consider if you build chicken coops.

First off, do not just build chicken coops because you saw a design that looks cute and unconventional. Choosing a chicken coop plan based on aesthetic value is a mistake. You need to consider the space, not only with what you can spare but in terms of the size of the chicken population you intend to have. If you build a small coop, you will regret this later if you wish to expand but the chicken coop is too small. Chickens also need space because they need to run and exercise. Crowded pens are also likely to cause a disease. Add to this the fact that the disease will be easily transmitted if the chicken coop is crowded.

Also remember that when you build chicken coops, air or ventilation is a serous consideration. Chickens need air to eradicate bacteria and germs. We are not talking about windy air here. What needs to be ensured is that there is adequate ventilation. Chickens need fresh air to breathe, too. Depending on your purpose, you might need light bulbs to function as incubators. If you want, you may purchase incubators for your chickens if you want to reproduce them. Some chickens cannot generate enough heat form their own bodies and this will just cause the eggs not to hatch.

Building a chicken coop is fun and easy, but you have to follow these simple steps to avoid big problems in the future. Raising chickens on a farm or in your suburban or urban backyard is a fun experience. Just do not commit these errors, Click Here

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