If you’re thinking about building a chicken house, there are some important errors you need to be aware of so you can avoid them and ensure your house is a success. Typically these are the main errors that will cause your chickens to stop laying eggs, so preventing them in the building process will go a long way towards making sure you get fresh eggs daily.

Here are the primary reasons why chicken houses fail and what you can do to avoid them.

The Incorrect Size

Possibly the biggest reason why a chicken house fails is because it hasn’t been built to the right size specifications. If your chickens do not feel as though they have enough room in their chicken coop to move around, they will feel uncomfortable and overcrowded.

In order to avoid this, you should make sure each chicken has so much square feet of room. If they don’t, expect problems to occur.

You can easily avoid this by being sure the plan you use gives you instructions for size based on the number of birds you wish to keep.

Not Enough Light Coming Into The Chicken House

The next issue is not having enough light coming into the chicken house. Chickens need light in order to grow strong and healthy, and when you aren’t making use of natural windows and lighting, you’re going to wind up with unhealthy chickens that don’t lay eggs.

You also need to be sure you place these windows in the proper position on the walls of the coop since this too will make a difference in how optimally they allow the light to penetrate through.

Incorrect Chicken Feeder Position

Finally the third mistake that tends to go wrong when you’re building a chicken house is not placing the feeder in the correct position.

If your chickens are feeling strained to reach their food, they’re not going to eat as often as they should, which will also influence how many eggs they lay on a regular basis.

Ideally the feeder should be just slightly higher than their neck level so they don’t feel like they have to bend down to get at their food (which can also cause them to start scattering the food on the floor of the coop as well).

So be sure you’re keeping these points in mind as you go about building your chicken house. If you do things correctly you’ll have a chicken coop that continues to produce eggs for a long time in the future and that’s money well invested.

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