Any would be chicken framer needs to start with a chicken coop house plan

1)Location–In real estate they say it is always, “Location, location, location”. That holds true when constructing a chicken house, as well.

The chickens you are raising need to be kept dry. This aspect must be taken into account during the planning phase of your coop project. Have you taken advantage of the natural terrain—for drainage?

2)Orientation – How your chicken coop is situated will have an impact on how well your chickens thrive. Are you taking advantage of the natural light by how you situate your coop? Are there nearby trees or buildings that could act as windbreaks?

3)Feeder & Waterier – Not only is location of your waterier and feeder important, but so is the height.

Because of the way chickens eat–a supply of fresh clean water available at all times is crucial. Have you taken steps to make sure the chickens’ water won’t freeze over during cold weather?

4)Protection from Bad Weather— Chickens are tough birds and can easily handle weather extremes, except for one—Wind. Cold winter winds will kill chickens.

Any chicken coop house plan must include a way to well seal your coop and protect your birds from these winds. At the same time you need to allow for good ventilation during hot weather.

5)Protection from Predators– Is your coop protected from digging predators – Rats, Skunks, Raccoons neighborhood dogs? The steps you need to take to protect your chickens will depend somewhat on the type of predators you will be facing.

6)Proper Placement of the Nesting Boxes-— This might seem like a no-brainer, but you will want the nesting areas in your coop to be situated to the very best advantage for you and your chickens.

What you don’t want is your chickens roosting and sleeping on the nesting boxes, but at the same time you will want your hens attracted to the boxes to lay their eggs. Once the eggs have been laid a convenient way to harvest the eggs will be very much appreciated by you once this becomes a daily occurrence.

Don’t be overwhelmed once you understand this issues you will build great home chicken coops easily.

If you begin with a well thought out–well written plan – all of these issues are can be addressed in a simple step-by-step format–easy to follow–easy to implement–easy on the pocket book.

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