The key to building easy chicken coops is to start with easy chicken coop plans. Everything successful in life starts with good planning.

Think about it. How did you get you get an education, find a job, start your business? You planned on it! Didn’t you? I bet no one came over to your house, knocked on the door and said hey here’s a great job for you!

I’ll bet you discovered quite early how much easier things were when they were well planned? It’s no different when building a chicken coop. Easy chicken coops are the direct result of good plans.

Construction of a chicken coop is different from building something like a garden shed. Chickens are live animals that will need your intervention when it comes to food shelter and protection from predators. Get that right the first time and your flock will thrive. Get it wrong and not only might you lose your birds but you’ll be out money, time and effort, never mind the disappointment.

How can you be sure it is done right? Absolutely! Gather up the info you need to make the right choices in location, design, size, attributes and materials for easy chicken coops and with some simple building skills like using a drill, hammer and saw you will succeed.

Remember the key phrase is “Gather up the info you need” and how well you do that will dictate your level of success. You could spend hours and hours scanning the net for this tidbit, that gem and this sliver—cobble it all together and voila’ you have the info you are looking for or you could purchase a high quality eBook from a reputable source that covers it all—in detail.

Whichever way you decide to go is fine as long as you are sure you have covered off all the issues that need to be addressed when building a chicken coop.

A word of warning don’t short-change yourself on the plans. Good planning info covers all kinds of solid information about reducing costs and little tricks you can use to make building your chicken coop easy.

In conclusion keep in mind the value of the ‘how to information’ when comes to building easy chicken coops. In the words of Donald Rumsfeld—”there is what you know you know, what you know you don’t know, and then there’s what you don’t know you don’t know”. (I paraphrase)

A lot of folks made fun of this statement, but really read it, it actually makes good sense!

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