How big you want your coop to be is greatly dependent on the breed of chicken and the size of the flock you will be keeping. Smaller-sized chicken coops can be made to accommodate anywhere from 2  to 20 chickens while there are also medium and large sized chicken houses for even bigger flocks of chickens. You may also read more all about suggestions on small chicken coops and exactly how you can save money on materials in the building of the coop.

The size of chicken coop you should get is dependent on the level of chickens you are going to be keeping and you must never depend on small chicken coops to hold too many chickens. Make sure you allocate sufficient space per chicken because if you do not your fowls are very likely to become sick and the yield of eggs will also suffer.

Regardless of what number of chickens you end up keeping, one thing you will need either way is a suitably sized chicken coop building. Your hen house will offer suitable protection from predators and shield them from undesirable weather conditions. It will also keep them lovely and warm for nesting.

Where you put the coop is also important. It needs to be up off the ground in an area with sufficient drainage. This prevents dampness of the flooring area and additionally will help prevent pests from coming in. You may want to think about a concrete base for your coop for additional protection from dangerous predators and practically eliminating moisture.

There are a number of designs for small chicken coops available on the internet or, if you choose, it is possible to design your own construction. Become familiar and be attentive to the level of space each chicken needs in your coop so they are able to flourish and lay fresh eggs.

Your chickens will also need to be able to roost and nest, so space needs to be allotted for this when designing yours.

Your fowls will also require a certain amount of perch space. Width and height dimensions for nest boxes also need to be factored into your calculations. It is commonly accepted that one nest box for every three chickens is adequate. It’s interesting to notice that the measurements of nesting boxes and perches need to be identical in small chicken houses.

It’s a popular option to build your own coop as oppose to paying out for one that has already been made. People can choose what features they would like and the size of the coop itself. Even small chicken coops can cost more than a thousand dollars! For those who are serious about providing comfort for just a few chickens, that is certainly a hefty price tag.

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