A coop is what you normally call a hen’s house. It’s their kingdom! A hen’s castle. So it’s a must to be sure that to keep their house maintained at a four star accreditation for this may assist the chickens grow healthy and happy. Therefore, to keep it the best way it must be, there are specific requirements to manage up with to construct a coop that can satisfy each you and your chickens. You, the poultry proprietor, of all folks should perceive this.

Relating to its design, the coop should be secured from any form of predator. Every single angle within the pen – sides, under and above, should be structured to face up to the wrath and longing of predators who are always looking out for a free meal. When selecting a wire mesh, be sure it’s the right one. Predators are more than one. They scour within the area of your coop unnoticed simply ready for the time when they can attack. You must make it possible for the coop is impenetrable as a result of some predators like raccoons simply attain out for his or her prey, easily.

In reference to requirement number one, this is a continuation. Aside from predators, it’s important to secure the coop from those nasty rats. They burrow by means of the ground and are available up from below. If the coop flooring is just not blocked, these rodents will slip into the hen’s quarters. Rodents are drawn to the meals you’re giving your chickens and the droppings they excrete.

What’s more devastating is that these pesky rats love eggs. So each time laying season comes, they collect too. Wish to do away with them? Good idea. However prevention is best than cure. That’s the reason preventing them to return into the pen is healthier that eliminating their presence completely.

All that you must do is construct a floor within the pen, otherwise, bury a fence about 12 inches deep around the hen’s house. Be sure that the supplies you will use for the fence and the ground is thick or laborious sufficient for them to impossibly bite through.

The way you build your coop must not be drafty or breezy. Subsequently, seasons will change and so would the weather. That’s the reason; your coop should be capable to endure any type of natural effects.

Roosting poles must be offered for your hens to slumber. It must have an approximate 2-inch extensive rounded edges. You allot an eight to 10 inch space between every bird. Put nest boxes to encourage egg laying. One nest field is equivalent to a few to 4 chickens. Situate the bins inches above the ground. Don’t let it touch the soil. Place these nesting boxes somewhere personal where no one can bother them whereas they’re doing their thing. Safety is the very first coverage one should follow.

Your coop should be roomy. Spacious. It’s a must to allot at the least three square ft for each bird. There also needs to be house where the feeder and the waterer can hang to which is 7-eight inches above the ground.

The coop should be accessible for the owner’s sake ONLY. Predators and rodents not allowed. Simple accessibility can assist you clean the coop in order that bacteria and bugs don’t fester.

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