To get your chickens to perform well, they need proper caring. And what can be better thing to do than get them one of those great prefabricated chicken coops! With a good shelter for them, you can even count your chickens before they are hatched! Consider the following points if you are thinking in the same way about those chicken coops.

Many people believe it’s a much better option to go for building a coop themselves than actually buying a chicken coop. The factors considered are the price and the thrill of building one such coop. But it might really turn into a messy situation if you are not very careful about how you are building the coop. And of course if you don’t have the time for it, buying Assembled chicken coops is a much better idea.

The Space Factor

When buying a prefabricated chicken coop, consider the size of the coop carefully. It depends on two factors. Firstly, consider how many chickens you are planning to house in it. Select a coop that will not cause congestion for the chooks. Secondly, consider the space available to you to set up the coop. There should be enough clearance area for your access all around the coop. Proper spacing would also ensure good ventilation and sunlight entry inside the chicken coops.

Ventilation and Sunlight

Consider the prefabricated chicken coops that have ample doors and windows. This will ensure proper air ventilation and remove the harmful gases built up inside, like ammonia, carbon dioxide, etc. Also, sunlight can reduce the dampening of the coop during the rainy seasons and keep the coop warm during the winters.


This is an important factor. Often coops are frequented by predators like rodents, cats, foxes and dogs, mostly during the night time. By having properly secured doors and windows trouble created by them can be prevented. A strong wire mesh on the windows and tightly secured doors are very important for the safety of the chooks in prefabricated chicken coops.

If you consider all these facts and look around a bit, you can get one of the best prefabricated chicken coops available for your chickens within your budget.

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