You can learn how to build coop by yourself. It is easier to build an A frame chicken coop which is portable enough to move around your backyard. You get to enjoy a supply of fresh eggs but you have to provide your chickens with a comfortable home to live.

You can easily transfer a portable coop for your chickens from one place to another with the benefit of fertilizing your yard. Your chicken will also enjoy a feast of eating weeds, bugs and other insects at different places where you move the coop around in your backyard. 

A portable chicken coop will provide you easy access when collecting eggs and you can take it where you can easily keep an eye on your chicken against common dangers from predators around. Portable coops are also great for children where they can easily feed the chicken and hunt for their eggs. You can simply build a coop with an average size to keep a few chickens when you are just starting to raise them.

Because the chickens are prone to become prey to predators like foxes, rodents and domestic animals, you must ensure to build a chicken coop that is sturdy enough with wires on the floor to keep the animals from digging the ground to find their way to your chicken. You must secure the portable chicken coop with locks to keep the chicken from coming out of their home at night.

Chicken are happier if they are provided with a place to roam around and setting them off in your backyard will let them enjoy this form of freedom. Make sure to have a secure fence on your backyard to keep the chicken safe when you free them from their portable home during the day. You can set the chicken free on the backyard to hunt for worms, weeds, and insects but make sure to clip their flight feathers to keep them from flying away. 

A portable coop will allow you to enjoy moving the chicken coop around the backyard where they can get fresh air or place it under a shade of a tree on a hot summer day.

Children will also be able to have an easy access to the chicken to feed and play with them. 

Portable coop for your chickens is best for those who are just beginning to learn how to raise chickens. It is inexpensive and typically of small to medium size. Before you jump to build a coop instantly, you need to know about the local regulations and requirements for keeping chicken in your backyard. 

You also must take into consideration several things prior to building a portable chicken coop in your backyard. Providing the chicken with comfort is important. The portable chicken coop must also adhere to the usual requirements needed to provide a decent home for your chicken such as building with appropriate dimension according to the number of chickens you will raise.

Most importantly, the portable chicken coop must provide the chicken with a safe and clean shelter that is conducive for nesting eggs. It helps to make a plan and determine the designs before you build coop in your backyard to ensure you get appropriate dimensions for a portable chicken coop to raise and take care of your chicken. 

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