With more and more individuals choosing to build a portable chicken coop, there are some important points they must not overlook if they want to get results. This is a very popular type of chicken house due to the fact that it’s easy to maintain, you can transport it anywhere making it perfect for those with variable climates, and because they can be cheaper to build if you know what you’re doing.

Here are the main things you must know to build a portable chicken coop successfully.

Be Sure To Plan The Coop Floor

When you’re going to build a portable chicken coop you will want to make sure that the base is going to be incredibly sturdy so it can withstand the constant movement of the chicken house.

Ideally you want to build it of some type of hardwood – likely slightly more thick than the wood you are going to use for the walls of the chicken coop.

Use Strongly Structured Wheels

The next thing that will be a must for making sure your portable chicken coop stands the test of the time is that you’re using strongly structured wheels on the base.

Problems will definitely result when these are not built well since they will constantly be rolling over grass, gravel, and whatever else is on the ground where you’re transporting the mobile chicken house.

Be sure you’re using heavy duty wheels and bolts to fasten this to the base for extra support.

Don’t Overlook Windows

Finally, just because your coop is able to move around does not mean you can overlook windows either. This is yet another critical mistake some chicken farmers make because they are so caught up in making sure the base is built properly (which is also important, but can’t be the only focus).

Windows will enable your chickens to get fresh light regularly as well as have a good amount of ventilation flowing through the coop.

These are all essential to making sure they stay healthy and continue to lay eggs on a regular basis.

So, do not overlook any of these factors. If you do, you’re going to be building a portable chicken coop that doesn’t hold up or that doesn’t allow your chickens to lay eggs on a regular basis.

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