Everything you put into your body matters when you are expecting, which is why so many women opt for an organic pregnancy. Conventional poultry and meats are littered with harmful toxins that can take a toll on your babys health.

Pregnant bodies are not designed to handle the chemicals used to grow and raise conventional livestock. Safeguard your unborn babys wellbeing with an organic pregnancy diet.

Conventional Meats and Poultry Contain Hormones and Antibiotics

Conventional farmers use growth hormones, growth enhancers and antibiotics to raise livestock. The hormones and enhancers are used in the animals to make them grow bigger in less time so they can be sent to slaughter sooner. Bigger animals also mean more meat for the consumers and huge profits for farmers.

Conventional farming is all about numbers. The more animals the farmers have at any given time, the more money they can make. This is why the animals are kept in cramped quarters with no room to move.

The crowded conditions make it impossible for farmers to get in and clean the animals living space; so livestock are forced to stand in their own urine and feces.

Cramped and unsanitary living conditions create a breeding ground for bacteria and illnesses in animals. Conventional farmers pump their livestock with antibiotics to help manage these illnesses. Even if the animals dont get ill, they are still given antibiotics as a preventive measure.

The overuse of antibiotics is the primary reason for strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria sprouting up all over the place. Your meat, eggs and poultry are only as healthy as the animals that produce them. All of the antibiotics, hormones and enhancers used to raise conventional livestock lands on your plate.

When you eat conventionally raised meat products during pregnancy, the chemicals cross the placenta and enter your babys system. Your babys metabolism is immature, so he is not able to eliminate these toxins. This puts him at risk for developmental problems and chronic illnesses.

Conventionally Raised Livestock Are Fed Unnatural Diets

As if the use of antibiotics, hormones and enhancers is not enough, conventionally raised livestock are fed diets of chemically-treated feed. In order to make the feed stretch further, farmers routinely mix in the leftover parts of slaughtered animals.

Cows are naturally vegetarian; feeding them meat of any kind goes against nature. This unnatural act is the primary culprit of mad cow disease. If you eat tainted beef, you can contract Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the human form of mad cow disease.

Why Organic Poultry and Meats Are Best During Pregnancy

Organic farmers are not allowed to use growth hormones or enhancers in their animals. The use of antibiotics is limited to animals that are ill. Also, livestock that are raised organically are not given chemically treated feed that has been littered with dead animal parts.

Although natural farming methods are not perfect, organic farms tend to operate on a smaller scale, so animals are not treated as bad as conventionally raised livestock. The living conditions on organic farms are more sanitary. This helps reduce the occurrence of diseases. When animals are sick less, it reduces the risk of bacteria being transmitted to your food.

Also, when animals are raised organically, they have access to outdoor areas so they can roam freely and get a little exercise. This can help them maintain muscle mass and reduce the amount of fat on the meat when it is slaughtered.

When you are expecting, eating foods that are filled with chemicals and bacteria can hold serious consequences for your unborn babys health. Reduce the number of harmful toxins that enter your babys body by opting for organic meat and poultry during pregnancy.

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