If you’re planning to buy chickens you’ve probably looked around hardware stores for pre-built chicken coops only to find they won’t quite fit the space you have or are too expensive to house the chickens you want to keep. So why not save some money by using plans to build custom homemade chicken coops?

When looking for plans you’ll need to find something that gives your chickens a home that is safe and protects them from predators such as dogs. You’ll also want to make sure the plans will protect your chickens from the elements by having adequate insulation, lighting and shelter. Finally, you’ll need to make sure any plans you use provide enough nesting boxes for your chickens, enough feeders and enough space for them to roam around during the day.

While this sounds like a lot of things to keep in mind, it’s not if you have a detailed plan and guide that takes you through the building process from start to finish. A good chicken house plan will outline the specific materials you need, the space required for the number of chickens you have, the number of feeders you need and where best to place them, and the optimal arrangement of nesting boxes inside a shelter. All these things should be laid out in easy to follow steps so you aren’t daunted by the process.

Building your own chicken house is a rewarding process and can be completed in a weekend. The advantage of doing it yourself is that you’ll have a chicken house that best fits the area you have available and will make sure your chickens are as comfortable as they can be.

You can find thorough yet easy to understand guides and plans for homemade chicken coops here.

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