Bear in mind that there are several things that are very important which you must observe when building coops for the chickens. Feeder is one feature that you should carefully check; this is vital because this is where foods are placed.

Hence, you must make it a point that the foods are clean by ensuring that they are away from dirt. Consequently, you must design the feeder in such a way that foods are not contaminated by the droppings of the chicken in order to avoid health issues. 
Hence, the most ideal feeder design is to make it well elevated and away from the floor in order to avoid mixing with chicken droppings. The recommended height is to make the feeder just at a level with the back of the chicken. In this way, they need to stretch their long neck in order to eat.

Another important thing that you must also consider when you build own chicken house is correct lighting. Proper lighting also ensures excellent health for the chickens; keeping them warm during cold season. Aside from that, lights provide heat to the building; thereby preventing significant lowering down of temperature during winter or cold seasons. Moreover, sufficient heat also promotes egg-laying among hens; thereby giving you more eggs and more profit on your part.

Correct drainage is also vital to the health of the chickens because this will keep them dry most of the time.  Thus, it is imperative that proper drainage system must be in place in order to avoid chickens getting wet. Take note that wet chickens are prone to acquiring various health problems; that is why you must have well efficient drainage system to avoid water from coming into contact with the body of the chickens.

Thus, when you build own chicken house it is highly suggest that you keep the foresaid tips in mind because they are greatly useful in building the perfect hen house that is right for the type and numbers of chickens that you want to raise for your poultry-raising business.


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