The first thing you need to make sure is to have locks on all the doors and windows of your house. And not ordinary locks, but ones that are high security and not easily broken into. You might want to combine an electric lock with a manual one combined with a chain lock, as well. The more locks you have the harder it will be to pick and the more obvious the damage if someone does accomplish breaking into it.

Most likely they will leave behind key evidence too in their struggle to break into your home, so the more locks you have the better. Try to make sure your windows have locks too and double plated glass so that it cannot be smashed inside with a blunt object. If you keep your doors secured with code protected locks, be sure not to divulge that code to anyone except close family and do not leave extra keys lying around outside beneath stone rabbits or doormats because that has become so common that a thief would not hesitate to look there just in case. So, as you have your locks installed, be sure you remember to always keep your doors locked.

Also, install a state of the art security system so that you never have to worry about not being notified in case of an emergency, in case you are not home and your house is infiltrated. You can also be assured that with this security system, the police will instantly be notified about what happened and will be on the scene really fast to ensure that the thief is caught or at least stopped before he can take anything away. Another way to ensure that your valuables are kept safe is to go ahead and have safes installed in your home with combination and digital passwords so you can keep your most precious things, jewels, cash, passports, in there so that if your house is broken into, at least those things will be kept out of harm’s way. At least, those things might not be stolen if your safe is kept in order and protected, particularly built in wall safes that can’t be lifted and carried away.

Another way to keep your home secure is by having a guard dog that keeps track of your premises. This can be a ferocious type dog bred for protecting your home, or if you don’t really want a dog, you can keep a tape recording of a dog barging menacingly and play it all the time you are not at home with a sensor activated response so that if someone does approach your house the dog will begin barking.

Similarly you can do other sensor activated things, such as lights flashing on whenever someone steps onto the premises or alarms jangling, all things that will successfully keep away thieves and bandits from your property. That way, you will scare them away before they have a chance to steal anything from you and it will keep your house safe from criminals, thereby protecting you and your home from the hands of those who wish to take what is yours.

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