Easy Chicken Coops can be the start of your backyard chicken and egg empire! By keeping the project easy and simple, you can also get the job done quick, probably in a weekend, or one long day! By using a simple design and a workable plan, you will be able to get up and running in a flash. Let’s look at the key activities to keep in mind for your easy chicken coops project.

Make Sure The Plan Shows Assembly Steps

You have probably gotten kits of various types over the years whose instructions left something to be desired. For your easy chicken coops project, make sure the plan has assembly drawings that clearly show how the pieces come together.

Get All The Materials Before You Start

You can waste a lot of time going back and forth to the hardware store or lumber yard picking up items that you forgot to get the first time. A good assembly plan has a materials list that becomes your shopping list when you go to get your supplies. Don’t leave home without the list, don’t come back until you have everything you need!

Prepare Your Construction Site And Tools

Many times I have had to clear out my space for starting a new project. Toys, tree limbs, and other miscellaneous stuff seems to materialize right where I plan to work. Haul all of this stuff to the side of the yard, or put it in the garage.

Getting your tools ready is another important prep step. You don’t want to make three trips to the hardware store to pick up tools that you forgot to get when you went to get the materials. Check your plans to see what tools are required, buy what you need to add to your toolbox, and you will be ready to go to work.

Once You Start, Don’t Stop

When you get started building your easy chicken coop, you will find yourself getting into a rhythm, a groove.

You will be a well oiled construction machine. Once you hit this stride, keep going until you finish or collapse from exhaustion. You will be glad you stuck to it when you wrap up in record time!

This completes your lesson in getting an easy chicken coop put together in record time. Good luck!

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