If you’re looking for information on how to build a chicken house, there are some very important points that you must keep in mind so you can see the best results from the building process.

Individuals who do not firmly understand the most important elements in the process of how to build a chicken house are often the ones who are going to struggle down the road with seeing a fresh supply of eggs on a daily basis.

Here are the three most important things you need to know.

Focus On The Correct Size

The first element in the equation is making sure you’re building at the proper size. If you attempt to build a chicken house too small, the chickens are going to feel overly crowded and will not lay eggs as well as they should.

One of the biggest mistakes chicken farmers make is choosing to build too small, or they build the exact size they need but then later decide that they want to get more chickens.

Then they are really in a bad position because if they do go adding more chickens, the chance that the chickens they do have will continue to lay eggs is quite low.

Don’t Neglect The Chicken House Run

The second essential thing for properly learning how to build a chicken coop is making sure you’re adding in a chicken house run. This will be vital so that your chickens can get outside for some exercise on a regularly basis and maintain proper health.

If you don’t choose to build a chicken coop run you’re going to have to build a larger house which will then require more building supplies. If you’re looking to build a cheaper chicken coop, that then could be a big issue for you.

Place Your Chicken House Windows Properly

Finally, the third thing you need to do is make sure you place the windows on your chicken house properly. They need to be at a certain height on the chicken coop otherwise you’re going to have to run in electrical lighting which will more than likely increase your power bill.

The windows are also a great way to allow for air ventilation to get through, which will help keep the coop fresh and provide air circulation.

So make sure you’re not overlooking these three elements to build a chicken house properly. It will make a big difference in the long run if you’re doing things correctly so it will be well worth your time and effort to do it correctly.

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