Building DIY chicken coops can seem like a hard process to do but if you follow the right steps and have some key points in mind, it becomes much easier and more possible to realize success. Many people overlook simple things they can do to get good results with building DIY chicken coops and in doing so, run into many problems down the road.

If you want to have success with this project, here are three critical things you need to know about.

Think About Location

It’s going to be really important that you put some time and thought into the location of your chicken coop. Ideally you want to place your DIY chicken coop somewhere that’s on firm soil and that also has a lot of natural sunlight coming in. That is what will help to light up the chicken house and make sure your chickens stay healthy.

If build the house in a very low lying area you’ll have to watch out because often rain will start to accumulate in this section of land and could cause problems to the walls.

Place Your Feeder Correctly

Next up, you also want to make sure you’re placing your feeder somewhere that your chickens have easy access to it. It’s vital that they have a reliable source of food at all times since good nutrition will also make a big difference with how regularly they lay eggs.

Be sure that you’re not placing the feeders up too high either, as that can make it very difficult for them to reach it without any trouble. If they feel challenged to get their food, they aren’t going to eat as much and won’t lay as many eggs in return.

Build A Good Chicken Coop Fence

Finally, the last thing you need to make sure you do with your DIY chicken coops is build a good chicken fence for your chickens.

This will help to keep predators out and keep them safe. Be sure when you’re building your fence that you build it deep enough into the ground however to prevent smaller animals from burrowing underneath it.

Often this is something that many chicken farmers forget to do and will cause them problems down the road. Ideally you should have it at least a foot into the ground, if not more.

So be sure you’re keeping these three aspects of building DIY chicken coops in mind. If you build it properly it should serve you well for the coming years and you’ll save a great deal of money in the process.

Here is more information on how you can build a DIY chicken coop on a budget.

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