Man is always in need of some kind of change. Watching the same thing over and over again makes one tired and bored. It makes him feel monotonous and dry. So the first step to a new, fresher and brighter sight and perspective is to start changing or altering things around. A good beginning would be to start with your home. A lot of people think that if they own a small house or a living space, there isn’t much that they can do about it to remodel the place and give it an overall brand new feeling. All such people are of course wrong. Though not much building changes can be made but there are many other ways to remodel a small house along with bringing a wall down maybe or by creating more space.

Small houses always have a problem of storage and living area. Remodel your house in such a way that you can get hold of maximum walking and storing space that can be available to you. For this, first look at your house and analyze all the cramped and wrongly used space areas of your house. See if you can merge and incorporate a hallway area maybe with one of the rooms to create extra room. You can also think of bringing down the kitchen wall that separates it from the living room to join the both. This would create one big hall type room with plenty of seating, dining and kitchen area. Also try fitting in a floor to ceiling closet or storage space for a built in unit whose doors closes over its shelving. Some same similar kinds of ideas can also be applied to the laundry to make out shelves that are 18 inches deep to for creating more storage space.

Then you might want to think of ways that are traffic flow friendly.

Starting with the bathroom, take out any heavy set shower units and use instead a tiled shower area and a pedestal sink to go with it. Take out all the elaborate cabinets that are taking up any space that could be used otherwise. Look into the living room. See if you can fit in one big sofa along with a chair or two instead of several sitting chairs and one or two sofas. Try to use as less furniture as possible because all the big bulky furniture only makes the house look even smaller and cramped. You can also trade the closets in the rooms for a wooden chest with plenty of drawers to keep you accommodated.

For a more open and lighter feel, use light colored wall paint or wall paper. Use light taupe, white or pastel shades in the living rooms and the bedrooms. Remove all the dark heavy set curtains and replace them with blinds or curtains made up of light flowy materials. Keep the furnishings also simple. In the end install new lights to properly lighten up your house. You can also add in a window or two as the sunlight always brings in a special kind of warmth to your home