If you’re looking to choose between chicken house plans, finding information about the top factors that your plan needs to have will make this decision a great deal easier. Many individuals overlook some key elements that will really make a difference in terms of how well their coop performs, allowing them to get fresh eggs daily. Here are the main things you must know when thinking about choosing chicken house plans that will meet your needs.

Does The Plan Address Size?

The first thing you’ll have to address is the size of the chicken coop. If you’re looking at a chicken house plan that doesn’t talk about size with relation to how many birds you plan to keep, you need to put that plan back. Size is one of the most important qualities of a good chicken coop because it’s what will keep them laying fresh eggs everyday. When chickens start to feel overcrowded – that’s when you’ll notice that you’re not getting fresh eggs, in fact, you may not get any at all.

Are Windows Heavily Discussed?

The next factor is making sure that windows are discussed quite thoroughly in the plan as well. The windows are going to be your primary source of light for the coop unless you plan to wire in electrical light (which is extremely expensive over time). If you don’t build the windows properly however, they aren’t going to light the coop in the desired manner and that again can also cause more problems.

Does The Plan Give Plenty of Suggestions For Materials?

Materials are another important aspect when it comes to choose chicken house plans because there is such a wide variety in materials you can essentially use. If you choose the wrong materials you’ll wind up spending hundreds of dollars more than you needed, so make sure the plan you choose is designed to build a cheap chicken coop.

Is The Plan Easy To Understand and Follow?

Finally, you want to make sure the specific plan you choose to follow is easy to understand and implement.

Some plans are so intricate that you’ll spend a few days just trying to read through them! Ideally you should be able to give the plan a skim through once and then get right to the building process, reading more in-depth as you go. So, keep these factors in mind to help you decipher between chicken house plans and choose the best one for you.

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