Keeping pets is extremely popular amongst us Brits, with over 30 million of us owning a pet.  Making sure our cherished pets get the right food is so important for their health and wellbeing.

If your pet of choice is chickens, you’ll need to make sure you get the right chicken feed for them.  There’s a variety of chicken feed to choose from so you can find the one your pet loves the best.  You may opt for pellets, grit, crumb, maize or corn.  The type of chicken feed you provide your chicken with will depend on whether they are a layer, a grower or a young chick.  

If your chicken is a layer, your chicken feed will need to provide them with all the energy and nutrients they need to lay a good number of high quality eggs.  Layer chicken feed will help to produce good size eggs.  Grit chicken feed can also help with good egg shell production.  Grower chicken feed should be fed to young chicken from approximately 6 weeks up until around 16 weeks.  Producing good growth in young chicks, this type of chicken feed helps to get your chickens ready for laying.  Crumb chicken feed is for very young chicks who have only just hatched.  Feeding this type of chicken feed is recommended for the first 6 weeks of their lives.  

There are also special variants of chicken feed available to suit any type of poultry.  Chicken feed for ex-battery hens is available, which helps to wean them off the food they are used to and get them ready for chicken feed pellets. Many pet owners choose to feed their chickens with organic chicken feed, so they can rest assured knowing they’re getting the best food they can.  Organic chicken feed will also be GM free meaning your chickens will be getting the healthiest food possible.

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