While designing a chicken house it is important to keep a few important things into perspective so that a better and satisfying experience may be had. Most poultry farmers out of sheer enthusiasm ignore many important things that seem trivial at first sight but end up being serious issues later. If you want to steer clear of these things then you will want to arm yourself with a plan of action which will be very handy as you commit yourself to making your coop.

When formulating your plan you need to keep a few things in priority. These things can be summarised as follows:

a. The Size of your poultry: All chicken houses come in three kinds: small sized chicken tractors, medium and large chicken coops. The chicken tractor is essentially for 2 to 4 chickens, while the medium sized coop is ideally suited for 6 to 8 birds. The larger size coop is for over 10 birds. You must remember that a chicken needs to be provided with at least 4 square feet of space so that it may live comfortably.

b. The weather: Again a very important determinant. Your chicken need to be comfortable in their house so you must keep the weather in mind while making the coop. For example if you live in cold area then you must have proper insulation in your coop. Also make sure to design the chicken house so that the windows can permit a cross-air ventilation.

c. Your Backyard: This pertains to both its size and the intention you have for it. If your backyard is big then it can accommodate a large chicken coop, also if you want to keep it clean of pests and weed then a chicken tractor is the way to go.

d. Chicken house interiors: The interiors of the coop need to be designed so that the chicken may have plenty of space to move around, and breathe.

Also keep a feeder and a waterer filled up at all time within the coop. A good idea is to cover the floor of the coop with sand or saw dust as the chicken love taking sand baths.

These should get you started. There are many intricate things that must be taken into account also. You can read much more about how you can design a great chicken house on my page. Your Chicken house need not be something impossibly perfect; such thoughts can often seem intimidating and should shunned aside. What must be kept in mind are your requirements and the issues that you are or potentially will be facing. Hop on to my chicken coop page where I have discussed in great detail how you can make a good cheap chicken house and also a few important things you should know about keeping and raising chicken.

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