On any given day, farmers and average consumers alike find themselves facing a common question: How will chicken coops plans benefit my business or family?  The advantages of finding chicken coops plans that will increase productivity are a challenge, especially when there are so many choices out there.

However, finding functional chicken coops plans requires you to take a number of factors into consideration. Coops plans come in a wide variety of flavors, and cover many different types of coops.  Because of this, it is important to look carefully before selecting a design plan.

Types of chicken coops plans

Many websites provide you with sketches, while others give you more detailed information.  You can find a plethora of information available online.  In fact, many websites offer helpful tips and information to help get you started.

Nesting boxes 

According to various websites, placing nesting boxes outside your coop will make it easier to get eggs together at the end of the day.  This also makes it easier to collect eggs from the outside, without disturbing your chickens.  You can also find rough sketches on the website, which show you how to make chicken pens.  These plans sketch out the coop’s overall design.  You can also find colored sketches of chicken coops, which may also show other structures you may want to add.

Hanging Self feeders

Before you purchase your  plans, you will need to think about the health of your chickens.  What can you do to ensure they are comfortable?  Will you need anything else to help them adapt to their environment? 

Self feeders are a great resource for those who want to make sure their chickens do not come in contact with contaminating materials, such as droppings.  Self feeders are generally hung under slanted shelves.  That way, no chickens will be able to stand on top of them. According to chicken coop experts, you may want to look into getting a self feeder.  This cuts down on the amount of work you will need to do.  Plus, it allows chickens to eat whenever they want. 

Of course, figuring out where to place hanging shelf feeders in your own coop can be difficult.  Buying chicken pen plans will help remedy this problem.  Many design plans provide sketches to show you where you can place self feeders.

Roosting poles

When you’re trying to find chicken coops plans that meet your needs, it can be hard to figure out where to place extra features, such as roosting poles.  However, design plans will give you ideas.

Roosting poles allow roosters to roost above the ground.  They actually prefer this.

When it comes to choosing chicken coops plans, you will need to think about what you want individually.  Once you do this, you are well on your way to finding the right plan for you!

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