Today when it comes to a place for keeping your flock of chickens in you must purchase the right sort of coop. Although there are plenty available if funds are limited you may find building your own the cheaper alternative. After deciding which of the many chicken coop designs to use you need to now purchase the materials to make it.

It is important that you purchase the best quality materials you can to ensure that the coop is efficient, comfortable and safe for the hens using it. Below we take a look at some of the materials that need to be purchased to ensure the above is reached.

Material 1 – Wood – This is the most important material for making chicken coops. You need wood that is not only strong but has been treated before you begin to construct the coop. A well treated wood will ensure that water is unable to penetrate the interior of coop which will prevent diseases from occurring.

Material 2 – Chicken Wire – This is the second most important material one will need to purchase for making your own chicken coop using a design you like. Along with creating a chicken run for your hens to utilize during the day but will help to keep them safe from predators. Make sure that you go for a wire of a height that allows around 8 inches to be buried into the ground stopping all predators including dogs, cats, foxes and rodents from crawling underneath. Plus make sure it is of a height that predators are unable to climb over it into the run. Also don’t allow it too close to the coop as this will provide support for predators to climb it.

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