Chicken Coops are no longer just for farmers and you yourself can have one right in your backyard today (well maybe not today, but very shortly). A chicken coop barn, or coop as they are referred to, is starting to pop up all over the place, including next door. Everyone is starting to consider if this is the right thing for them. With today’s economy and today’s healthier lifestyles people in all rural areas are beginning to build chicken coop in their backyard.

But your thinking, eweeeee….they smell, they take so much work; they make a lot of noise, and so on. Well, surprising as it might be, chickens are one of the easiest animals to care for. They don’t really smell, and if you build your coop with good ventilation you will not have a problem with that smelling either. Now, yes you will have to clean it regularly, but again, if build correctly, this will be a quick easy task that doesn’t really require a hazmat outfit.

OK, so you now have that problem under way, but now you’re considering how the heck you’re going to protect the chickens from predators. Well, this has to be taken into account also. If you go through the trouble of building a chicken coop backyard, you’re not going to want to give it up that easy. So, consider possibly putting in a cement floor. This will protect your precious egg laying poultry from snakes, rodents and insect infestation. Also, make sure your chicken run has been buried in the ground and has a cover of chicken wire or fencing over it to protect them from dogs, coyotes, and other wild animals.

And most importantly to avoid your own egg laying poultry from each other, you must make sure the size of the chicken coop barn is appropriate for the amount of chickens you are raising.

General rule is 4 square feet per chicken, so make sure you hold fast to that rule, because they will begin to peck each other and fight.

Anyone can build raise chickens, so don’t feel like you are fighting a loosing battle, it’s not as hard as one may think. Plan ahead and enjoy it, you will never forget the experience!

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