A chicken coop is a shelter place for chickens. It is a safe retreat place where hens lay their eggs. There are different kinds of chicken coop designs and plans available in the market. However, there are certain factors to be considered while building a backyard chicken coop.

Before planning and designing a coop you need to focus on three essential points so that the coop is comfortable for chickens:-

Have 4.5 sq. ft. of space between each chicken
3 nests shared between 8 chickens
9 inches of perch length for each chicken

Once you have decided on this then comes the designing part of your coop. Your design should consider certain important aspects for convenience of hens:-

Conservation of your chicken coop means its maintenance. A perfect plan of coop contains a design of easy cleaning of the coop. Keep the floor of the coop slightly sloped towards the main door. This allows maintaining cleanliness and appealing appearance of the coop. When the water is hosed inside the coop, it will run out through the main door.

Ample Ventilation
Your plan of coop should have a design for proper ventilation. Sliding windows maintain proper ventilation inside the coop and allow fresh air to come in.

Ample Lightning
Proper lightning inside the coop do not only act like a light giving source but also as a good heat source. Design your coop in such a way that it provides ample of lightning even during cold days.

Use of Thick Wire Mesh
Plan your coop in such a style that it proves to be a protective house for your chickens.

Opt for thick wire mesh fencing so that the hens are protected against becoming a prey.

Besides above mentioned criteria, what you need is an ideal chicken coop plan. Another thing to be considered is about the run out area for hens outside the coop. If you are in search of ideal designs and plans for the coop you need to take help of professional plans and systematic designs so that your chickens feel comfortable inside and lay maximum number of eggs.

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