Building a chicken-coop requires some elements to keep your stock productive and healthy. Your chicken coop will need perches, a run, ventilation, lighting, weather protection, predator protection and many more components than you will not find for the same price in a kit or plans off the shelf.

You never want to over-crowd your chickens. Chickens need adequate space like any animal. Having enough room to roam around freely will help keep the chickens healthy and happy.

You should keep your chicken coop to a simple plan, this will make cleaning the coop much easier. Make sure you are using safe building materials as some materials may be harmful to the chickens health.

The amount of chickens you are planning on housing is an important factor in deciding the size of the coop you are going to build. I would recommend starting with three hens, when you become more comfortable with looking after them you may want to add more.

Hens are all that is needed to make breakfast eggs. Roosters are only needed to make fertile eggs.

You also need to consider lighting and ventilation for your coop. Good ventilation is essential for your chickens. Make sure that they are protected in the winter from the elements and ensure that they will not get too hot in the summer. There are many materials you can use to insulate the walls in winter. This may be taken down in the summer.

They will need enough nesting hay and you may even need an incubator for the eggs to hatch.

Building a chicken coop is fun and easy, but you should follow these simple steps to avoid any problems.

Raising chickens on a farm or in your backyard is a fun and rewarding experience.

Who doesn’t love fresh eggs!

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