If you are looking for a part time small business you can start with only a limited amount of upfront costs consider building small chicken coops for resale. For someone that has an interest in working with their hands and building things this could be a very successful business. Your first thought may be that no one buys chicken coops but you might be surprised at the potential that is actually out there. 

There are a growing number of people interested in organic foods or producing their own food supplies and many of them are turning to raising chickens in their back yards. Not only do the chickens provide quality organic eggs but they can also be raised for their meat. The chickens also can be fed table scraps which promote a greener environment and they produce droppings that can be used to fertilize other crops instead of using harsh chemical based fertilizers. 

Another potential group of customers for you would be those that are involved in agriculture classes or 4H projects. Every year thousands of kids and teenagers are involved in these activities and not all of them live on a farm. Many of them will need small pens and coops in their back yards to raise chickens, quail and other animals for their projects. Not all of them will want to build their own coop so they are your possible customers. 

Now you may be saying to yourself that you don’t know anything about building chicken coops. That is not a problem as there are many easy to follow step by step guides on the market to teach you how to build them. Most of these guides are available for less than forty dollars and you only need one of them to build as many coops as you can sell. All of the guides contain plans and one even has video tutorials to really show you how to build back yard chicken coops.

All you need next are customers and you are on your way to making money selling small or large chicken coops. Online classifieds are a great place to advertise your coops. Some of the largest are Craigslist, Back Page, Oodle and Kijiji. Depending on where you live you may also have local classifieds that you can advertise in for free as well. You should also contact your local schools and 4H programs to offer your services to their students. The last method of advertising I would like to point out is visiting feed stores in your area and asking if you could put up a flyer or leave some business cards.

Remember, this opportunity features a low start up cost and you have several free advertising channels to bring in customers. All you need to get started are the chicken coop plans. We have gathered together the three top chicken coop guides on the market for you to compare and make the best choice for yourself. Be the first in your area to take advantage of this growing market.

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