For several years now, Blast Zone has been one of the leaders in the manufacturing of inflatable bounce houses designed for residential use. These designs are primarily for children in the age range of 3 to 12 who weigh less than one hundred pounds. What makes Blast Zone one of the leaders in this industry is their commitment to safety. This company adheres to the highest safety standards. In fact, their products are tested to meet and exceed applicable global laws and standards. The process bounce houses go through for testing is rigorous and repetitive to make sure that the product is safe for children. Because Blast Zone inflatables are sold in stores across the world, they really need to conform to the most stringent of standards and they do! Their mission is your child’s health and safety plus they take great pride in providing top quality inflatables that are both fun and safe. While they engineer bounce houses with designs which incorporate a safe climbing surface for the kids they also make sure the slide heights are safe and not too high. This company boasts that their 90 day warranty is the best in the industry. Complete an online search on the Internet and you won’t find a better warranty out there.

Key Features and Benefits

Construction Strength – 100% Commercial Grade Impact Surfaces which are 9 times stronger than most other brands. Plus it is easy to clean.

Fewer Seams When the inflatables are sewn, there are fewer seams in the bounce floors and slides. By using large seamless material, the floors are stronger for jumping because there are fewer seams.

X-Weave Material This type of material is strong. The X-Weave material is considered to have extremely high tensile strength in all directions.

Safety Netting – The netting is soft to the touch so it should not scratch or cut children. The safety netting is one important feature because it encloses the play areas to keep jumpers inside. The Blast Zone safety netting is twice as thick as the industry standard.

Quality Control times seven During the manufacturing process the inflatables have to be inspected 7 times. Why? To ensure that every bounce house that rolls off the production line has met the strictest quality and safety standards. This company follows the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act guidelines.

In summary, this is one of the best manufacturers of inflatable bounce houses in the world! The quality at the Blast Zone factory is the best along with safety features that are a must have. Not only are their bounce houses safe, they are fun and feature bold colorful designs that will keep kids entertained for hours.

Jennifer Boris is a freelance copywriter. For more information on Bounce Houses, visit Best Price Toys.