Italian because of worries about bird flu antifeedant chicken, resulting in a decrease of the Italian poultry farm poultry farming, which has hit poultry feed used in the production of soybean and corn sales. This series of ripple effect might indicate the spread of bird flu follow-up impact.

Italian eating habits change only reflects the avian flu to the poultry industry to bring one of the various combat. The virus is currently the world from Asia to Europe and other parts of spreading.

U.S. poultry industry could not escape, some large-scale farming enterprises have lowered earnings expectations, those areas where outbreaks of bird flu to U.S. demand for poultry exports also fell. It all happened in the avian flu virus has not even visit the United States the occasion, but the fact that in theory supposed to be so worried about the U.S. consumer is more willing to buy poultry products.

Found in Asian countries in recent years a special three weeks ago, the deadly bird flu virus in migratory birds in the EU region was found. So far, within the EU is still only a turkey farm in southeastern France, a commercial poultry farms affected.

Medical experts said that only direct contact with sick birds before humans are infected, not infected with consumption of properly cooked poultry. But anyway, the virus caused fear and panic are exporters of poultry products to Europe, suffered a blow, it is changing the pattern of trade within the EU.

Italy’s reaction more so than in other European countries. Some areas of the poultry product sales, compared with the same period in 2004 decreased by 40% – the first drop has reached 90%. Italian poultry products Manufacturers Association UNA main Ximulanuo (Alberto Murano) said that from the early panic last fall so far, “regarded each farm output cut by 20% -25%.”

The impact of feed for poultry processors are deeply worried. Traders said that as market conditions are unknown, Argentina and Brazil soybean meal (for processing poultry feed), and France the price of corn in the European market fell sharply.

UK wholesalers, said a similar situation occurs, the price plummeted. They blame the French and Italian exporters of poultry products, saying they are dumping their products not be sold to the United Kingdom. Britain’s National Farmers Federation (National Farmers “Union) consists of the poultry industry committee (Poultry Board) said that since the family turkey farm in France that the bird flu virus has been detected, the British wholesale price of chicken has fallen by half more than 1.10 per kg down from 48 pence, well below the break they think farmers need to maintain 80 pence per kg level.

Exporter of poultry products in Europe are being hit the hardest, because more and more countries from Europe shut the door to imports of such products. France is Europe’s largest exporter of poultry products, industry is concerned that so far 43 countries that make the French embargo on the export of poultry products fell as much as 65%. According to statistics, the EU common in fresh poultry meat exports about 8 billion euros, or about 950 million U.S. dollars.

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