Chicken tractors are becoming fairly common these days with poultry farmers with a small poultry looking for a way to sustain their birds on a budget. These are fairly easy to construct and can be made in the space of a few hours time. You really need not be an expert to do this. It can be done easily with the aid of good instructions especially since all that is required to make a chicken tractor is some lumber and chicken wire. Most readymade chicken tractors will cost anywhere between 100 to 300 dollars in the market but you can easily make one for yourself with readily available material.

A chicken tractor also known as a chicken ark is designed for 2 or 4 birds and usually measures in at 16 to 20 square feet (4 square feet per chicken). An important feature that a tractor offers is that since it has no floor the chicken can easily reach the ground and rid the grass of weed and pest. The chickens are great at scratching the soil and hunting for weed and bugs for food. Managed wisely, you can easily do your entire backyard in a reasonably short span of time.

Another advantage that is offered is that the chickens remain safe from any predators that might be prowling your area or backyard for a kill. However it is advised that you watch over your chicken while they are in a tractor as bigger predators such as dogs and bobcats can easily topple a tractor if they are allowed enough time.

There are many other things you should also consider before you embark on making yourself a Chicken ark. Visit my page where I have discussed in great detail how you can make a good cheap chicken tractors and arks and also a few important things you should know about keeping and raising chicken.